Sector 1

No. Auditee 1 2 3 4 5
1 Final Account of the Budget of the Republic of Serbia for 2020
2 Gaming Authority
3 Ministry of Finance, Belgrade
4 Joint Administration Service for Republick Authorities, Belgrade
5 Ministry of the Interior, Belgrade
6 State Council of Prosecutors
7 Ministry of Defense
8 Supreme Court of Cassation
9 Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
10 Office for IT and eGovernment
11 Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Cacak
12 Judicial Academy
13 Ministry of Culture and Information
14 Administrative Court Belgrade
15 High Court Council, Belgrade
16 Misdemeanor Court of Appeals, Belgrade
17 Higher Public Prosecution in Sremska Mitrovica
18 Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Novi Sad
19 Higher Public Prosecution in Nis
20 Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Nis
21 Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade
22 Teacher Education Faculty
23 institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad
24 Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade
25 Higher Court in Kragujevac
26 Public Investment Management Office, Belgrade
27 Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade
28 Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, Belgrade
29 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade
30 Students' Center, Novi Sad
31 Faculty of Philology and Arts, Kragujevac
32 University of Nis
33 Faculty of Economics in Nis
34 Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
35 Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade
36 Performance Audit - Protection of Immovable Cultural Heritage
37 Performance Audit - Information System esDnevnik (Gradebook)
38 Performance Audit -Prevention of Landslides in the Republic of Serbia
39 Performance Audit -Management of Information System of Local Tax Administration
40 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgrade
41 Ombudsman, Belgrade
42 Higher Court in Belgrade
43 Students' Center, Belgrade
44 University of Novi Sad
45 Art Academy, University of Novi Sad
46 Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad
47 Consolidated Statement of the Republic for 2020

Sector 2

No. Auditee 1 2 3 4 5
1 City Municipality of Mladenovac
2 City Municipality of Niška Banja
3 City Municipality of Pantelej
4 City Municipality of Grocka
5 City Municipality of Palilula
6 City Municipality of Čukarica
7 City Muncipality of Voždovac
8 City Municipality of Barajevo
9 Municipality of Kovačica
10 Municipality of Aleksandrovac
11 City Municipality of Zvezdara
12 City Municipality of Rakovica
13 Autonomou Province of Vojvodina
14 City of Belgrade
15 Directorate for Agrarian Payments
16 City Municipality of Zemun
17 Public Enterprise Projektovanje, Pecinci
18 Public Enterprise Zelenilo Pančevo
19 Public Enterprise Waterways, Sremska Mitrovica
20 Sport Center Tasmajdan Belgrade
21 City Municipality of Lazarevac
22 Municipality of Kursumlija
23 Municipality of Malo Crniće
24 City Municipality of Novi Beograd
25 City Municipality of Sopot
26 City Municipality of Savski Venac
27 City Municipality of Medijana
28 Municipality of Trgoviste
29 Public Enterprise City Cleaning, Novi Pazar
30 Public Enterprise Public Heating, Valjevo
31 Public Enterprise Communal Services, Pozarevac
32 PublicCommunal Enterprise City Heating Uzice
33 PublicCommunal Enterprise Sumadija, Kragujevac
34 Companz for Construction of Electro-Energy Facilities "Elekrtoizgradnja" LLC Belgrade
35 Public Enterprise Water and Sewage, Loznica
36 PublicCommunal Enterprise for Housing "Komstan", Trstenik
37 PublicCommunal Enterprise Roads, Kraljevo
38 Public Enterprise „Autoprevoz Kikinda“, Kikinda
39 Public Communal Enterprise Waterways Zlatibor, Čajetina
40 Public Communal Enterprise Obrenovac
41 Performance Audit - Air Quality Management
42 Performance Audit - Efficiency of Resolving the Issue of Stray Animals
43 Performance Audit - Efficiency of Collection of Drainage Charge
44 Performance Audit - Management of Exctraction of River Deposits from the River Drina
45 Green Fund of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrada
46 Ministry of Enviromental Protection
47 Municipality of Kladovo
48 Municipality of Rača
49 Municipality of Velika Plana
50 Municipality of Tutin
51 Municipality of Svrljig
52 Municipality of Doljevac
53 Municipality of Bojnik
54 Municipality of Brus
55 Municipality of Svilajnac
56 Municipality of Babušnica
57 Municipality of Novi Bečej
58 Municipality of Veliko Gradište
59 Municipality of Vladimirci
60 Municipality of Majdanpek
61 City of Požarevac
62 City of Valjevo
63 Municipality of Mali Iđoš
64 City of Šabac
65 Municipality of Arilje
66 Municipality of Irig
67 City of Smederevo
68 Public Company for Construction Land Development "Sjenica", Sjenica
69 Public Communal Enterprise „Naš dom Po“, Požega
70 Public Communal Enterprise „Raška“, Raška
71 Public Communal Enterprise for Housing Services „Bor“, Bor
72 Public Communal Enterprise „Djunis“, Ub
73 Public Communal Enterprise „Lim“, Prijepolje
74 Public Communal Enterprise „Izvor“, Petrovac
75 Public Communal Enterprise for Gas Distribution „Kovin-gas“, Kovin
76 Public Communal Enterprise „Naš dom Apatin“, Apatin
77 Public Communal Enterprise „Čistoća“, Sombor
78 Public Enterprise „Vodokanal“, Bečej
79 Public Enterprise „Gas Temerin“, Temerin
80 Public Communal Enterprise for Gas Distribution „Vrbas-gas“, Vrbas
81 Public Communal Enterprise for public garages and parking lots "Parking service", Belgrade
82 Public Enterprise "City Housing", Belgrade
83 Municipality of Žagubica
84 PE Center for Sports and Recreational Activities "Milan Gale Muškatirović", Belgrade

Sector 3

No. Auditee 1 2 3 4 5
1 Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs
2 Final Statement of Account of the 2020 Republic Health Insurance Fund
3 Consolidated Statement of the 2020 Republic Health Insurance Fund
4 Republic Health Insurance Fund for 2020
5 Republic Pension and Disability Insurance Fund for 2020
6 Final Statement of Account of the 2020 Republic Pension and Disability Fund
7 Ministry of Health
8 Social Work Center Bosilegrad
9 Social Work Center Vranje
10 Social Work Center Vršac
11 Social Work Center „Sava Ilić“ Aranđelovac,
12 Social Work Center Municipalities of Varvarin i Ćićevac
13 Medical Center „Dr Mladen Stojanović“ Bačka Palanka
14 Medical Center Ruma, Ruma
15 Final Statement of Accounts of Military Insurance Fund for 2020
16 Final Statetement of Accounts of National Employment Service, Kragujevac
17 National Employment Service, Kragujevac
18 Pharmacy Zaječar
19 Pharmacy Kruševac
20 Pharmacy Pirot
21 Health Center "Dr Milorad Mika Pavlović“, Indjija
22 Performance Audit - Professional Rehabilitation and Encouraging Employment of Persons with Disabilities
23 Performance Audit - Efficiency and Economy of Centralized Procedure of Public Procurement of Reagents
24 Health Center "Dr Jovan Jovanović Zmaj", Stara Pazova
25 Health Center Ivanjica
26 Pharmacy Vrbas, Vrbas
27 Pharmacy Jagodina, Jagodina
28 Health Center Stari Grad
29 Health Center "Dr Draga Ljočić" Šabac
30 Health Center Odzaci
31 Health Center Smederevo
32 Health Center Čačak
33 Health Center Opovo
34 Health Center Žabalj
35 Health Center Sid
36 Health Center Dušan Savić Doda Beočin
37 Health Center Subotica
38 Health Center Secanj
39 Health Center Zitiste
40 Health Center Kula
41 Health Center "Dr Janoš Hadži" Bačka Topola
42 Health Center Vracar
43 Health Center Zvezdara

Sector 4

No. Auditee 1 2 3 4 5
1 Ministry of Economy, Belgrade
2 Ministry of Construction, Traffic and Infrastructure
3 Public Enterprise Cattle-Veterinary Center for Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
4 Telecommunication Companz "Telekom Srbija", Belgrade
5 Shareholder Company for production and trade of Forgings Zastava kovačnica, Kragujevac
6 Construction Directorate of Serbia, LLC
7 Company Utva Ariplane Industry,LLC Pancevo
8 Business Company for Construction of Electro-Energy Facilities Elektroistok-izgradnja LLC, Beograd
9 Company for Waterways Ivan Milutinović – PIM ad, Beograd
10 Politika - Shareholder News Company, Belgrade
11 Company for Graphics Borba ad, Belgrade
12 Public Company for Development and Improvement of Information in AP Kosovo and Metohija, Mreza-Most, Belgrade
13 Public Enterprise Post of Serbia, Belgrade
14 Public Enterprise National Park Fruska Gora, Sremska Kamenica
15 Public Enterprise Srbijagas, Novi Sad
16 Rail Company of Serbia AD, Belgrade
17 Public Enterprise for Underground Coal Exploitation, Resavica
18 Shareholder Company for Rail Transport of Goods, Serbia Cargo, Belgrade
19 Shareholder Company for Transport of Oil Transnafta, Pancevo
20 Shareholder Company for Rail Transport of Passengers, Srbijavoz, Belgrade
21 Limited Liability Company for Production and Distribution of Energy "Energetika", Kragujevac
22 Koridori, Limited Liability Company, Belgrade
23 Operator of Distribution Sustem EPS Distribucija LLC, Belgrade
24 Public Enterprise for Forest Management SrbijaSume, Belgrade
25 Public Water Enterprise Srbijavode, Belgrade
26 Public Enterprise Sluzbenik Glasnik, Belgrade
27 Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, Belgrada
28 Intellectual Property Office, Belgrade
29 Public Enterprise Nuclear Facilities of Serbia, Vinca
30 Business Company Novi Sad for Distribution of Gas, Manaintenance and Works, LLC Novi Sad
31 Water Company Šajkaška LLC, Novi Sad
32 Republic Authority for Court Expertize, Novi Sad
33 Directorate for Waterways, Beograd
34 Serbian Party Zavetnici, Beograd
35 Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia, Belgrade
36 Water Management Company Erozija LLC, Niš
37 Energo-zelena LLC, Inđija
38 Agricultural Counselling and Professional Service Leskovac doo, Leskovac
39 Transportation Company Lastra LLC, Lazarevac
40 Healthy Serbia, Čajetina
41 Russian Party, Šabac
42 Javno preduzeće za skloništa, Beograd
43 Performance Audit - Improvement of Access to Funding Sources for Developmenmt of Small and Medium Sized Companies and Entrepreneurs
44 Performance Audit - Management of National Parks in the Republic of Serbia
45 Performance Audit - Improvement of Business Environment of Small and Medium Sized Companies and Entrepreneurs
46 Performance Audit - Consumer Protection in Provision of Thermal Energy
47 Shareholder Company for Sttock Market and Inforation, Production Exchange, Novi Sad
48 Central securities depository and clearing house, ad Belgrade
49 Agricultural Counselling and Professional Service Nis doo, Nis
50 Agricultural Counselling and Professional Service Smederevo doo, Kolari
51 Geological Institute of Serbia, Belgrada
52 Limited Liablity Company Transportgas Serbia, Novi Sad
53 Public Company Ski Resorts of Serbia
54 Jugoinspekt Beograd a.d. for quality and quantity control of goods, Belgrade
55 Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves, Belgrade
56 Serbian Bank, Joint Stock Company, Belgrade


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Audit in progress
Draft report
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