Significant Role of SAI in Promoting Gender-Responsive Budgeting

12 July 2022.
Significant Role of SAI in Promoting Gender-Responsive Budgeting

The Republic of Serbia has successfully established gender-responsive budgeting, as well as a system for monitoring investments in gender equality, said Dr. Duško Pejović, President of the State Audit Institution (DRI) and Auditor-General..

At the regional meeting, held in Banja Luka, of representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, the Office for the Audit of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Supreme Office for Audit of the Public Sector of the Republic of Srpska and the Office for the Audit of Institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Pejović emphasized that the SAI Serbia has significantly contributed to gender-responsible budgeting since 2017 through individual audit reports of public funds users, as well as through audit reports of the Final Account of the Budget of the Republic of Serbia.

SAI monitors and reports on budget users who have the obligation to plan elements of gender-responsive budgeting in their financial plans proposals, Dr. Pejović pointed out.

At the global level, according to data on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, out of a total of 69 countries that reported on the implementation of gender-responsive budgeting in 2020, Serbia falls into 19 percent of countries that have successfully established gender-responsive budgeting, i.e. that have a system for monitoring investments in gender equality. Serbia is one of the two countries outside the European Union, which introduced gender-responsive budgeting in the the Budget System Law.

So far, a significant number of institutions at the national, provincial and local levels have applied gender-responsive budgeting in their budget programs, goals and indicators, emphasized Dr. Pejović and added that more than 1,300 civil servants have undergone training for the introduction of gender-responsive budgeting.

In 2021, the Republic of Serbia adopted two important documents, significant for the establishment of an institutional framework for monitoring the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, namely the Law on Gender Equality and the Strategy for Gender Equality for the period 2021-2030.

The meeting was organized for the purpose of considering the possibility of preparing and implementing a regional parallel audit on progress in achieving Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 - Gender Equality. By implementing this audit, the SAI could contribute to the improvement of gender equality and the position of women, men and especially highly marginalized groups.

The meeting was organized by the United Nations Agency - UN Women - within the Project "Transformative financing for the promotion of gender equality: towards more transparent, inclusive and responsible governance in the Western Balkans" (2020-2024) financed by the Government of Sweden - Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation (SIDA).