Supreme State Auditors

Supreme state auditor manages the audit department and implement audit competences of the Institution, in compliance with the Law and authorizations received from the President of the Institution.

A person which fulfills general requirements for work in state authorities, possesses university level degree and title of Certified State Auditor pursuant to the law, may be appointed to the position of the Supreme State Auditor, pursuant to Article 27 of the Law on the State Audit Institution. It shall be deemed that the person possesses appropriate experience for the position of the Supreme State Auditor with at least ten years of work experience, out of which at least eight years on activities related to the competence of the Institution.

Supreme State Auditor is appointed and removed from position by the Council through a decision, at the proposal of the President of the Institution, for a six-year period with possibility of reelection.

Supreme state auditor assumes the position after he/she takes and oath in the Council of the Institution.

The Oath reads: “I swear to be loyal to the Republic of Serbia. I promise I will respect the Constitution and laws. I swear with my honor to perform my duty independently, fairly and impartially and no to misuse my powers.” Supreme State Auditor shall be accountable to the President of the Institution.

The Council of the Institution appointed the following persons as Supreme State Auditors:

  • Danimir Vulinović
    Sector 1
  • Stojanka Milovanović
    Sector 2
  • Dragan Golubović
    Sector 4
  • Ivica Gavrilović
    Sector 5