Organization and Composition

State Audit Institution has the President, Vice-President, Council, audit departments and support services department.

The Council of the State Audit Institution is be the highest body of the Institution. The Council is organized in a collegial form with five members, namely the following: the President, Vice-President and three members.

President of the Council is at the same time the President of the Institution which manages its operation, and also performs the function of the Auditor General, in compliance with the Law on State Audit Institution.

Internal units have been formed to perform professional and administrative tasks within the competence of the Institution - audit departments and audit support services. The Institution has five supreme state auditors who manage the audit departments, and a Secretary who manages the audit support sector.

Audit departments are:

1. Sector No. 1

2. Sector No. 2

3. Sector No. 3

4. Sector No. 4

5. Sector No. 5

Audit support units are organized in the Audit Support Sector:

1. Legal and General Affairs Unit

2. Human Resources Unit

3. Finance and Accounting Unit

4. Information Technology Unit

5. Unit for International Cooperation and Public Relations

A special internal unit has been established in the Institution: the Internal Audit Unit.