Performance Audit Training Successfully Conducted in the State Audit Institution

31 August 2018.
Performance Audit Training Successfully Conducted in the State Audit Institution

President of the State Audit Institution, Dr. Duško Pejović, and Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers, Chief of Party of the USAID Project "Government Accountability Initiative", handed over the certificates on successfully completed basic training in performance auditing to employees of the State Audit Institution who participated in the two-week training dedicated to this topic.

Training, held by Mr. Stephen L. Caldwell, a consultant with abundant experience in Government Accountability Office of USA, was attended by the employees of the State Audit Institution from Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis.

Some of the topics of this lecture included establishment of scope and designing performance auditing, evidence and methodology for their collection, quality control, as well as creating messages and report writing.

Performance audit training was held in accordance with the Goal 2.3 of the Strategic Plan of the State Audit Institution for the period 2016-2020, dedicated to further strengthening of performance auditing in the Institution.

Addressing the participants during certificate awarding ceremony, President Pejović highlighted that "this training will increase number of performance audit teams to 12, which is a significant increase of audit teams dealing with this type of audit. That will significantly increase capacity for reviewing systemic problems through performance audit, which will enable the State Audit institution, by recognizing the interests of all stakeholders, to contribute to more efficient and effective functioning of the public administration."

Institution is devoted to continually communicating results of its work to the National Assembly and its committees, executive government and auditees, media, public and special interest groups, such as civil society organizations, development partners, academia and professional associations. Bearing that in mind, and aiming to increase the impact of its audit reports, the Institution will increase number of performance audits annually, in order to contribute to useful changes, introduction of new laws, higher degree of responsibility, implementation of laws and bylaws, and monitoring of effectiveness of their implementation", Dr. Pejović highlighted.

Training was organized within the USAID Project "Government Accountability Initiative". General goal of the Project is to strengthen capacities and links of key stakeholders in the Republic of Serbia, in order to increase Government accountability at the national and local level. Main beneficiaries of the Project, which will be implemented from February 2018 until February 2022, are the State Audit institution, Anti-Corruption Agency, local authorities and civil society organizations.